Vaast Colson

° 1977

Lives in Antwerp (BE), born in Kapellen (BE).

Vaast Colson (°1977, Antwerp, Belgium) studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and obtained a postgraduate degree in Breda.

Colson belongs to a younger generation of Antwerp artists who could be called ‘post-ironic’. These artists don’t shy away from the big questions revolving around the place and role of the artist in society and the world around them. Colson's works examine core questions: what power does art have to change us and our society, what emotions and ethical choices guide an artist in a process of continuous change? From a spontaneous and rather naive approach to art and performance, Colson wants to shape his ideas. He opens up the artistic field and explores what is happening in the art world. Everything he undertakes can thus be considered as artistic intervention.

In his work, Colson constantly questions the relationship with the audience and is also strongly interested in mythology, and by the authentic (or not) mystique of the artist's existence, which he usually explores in his performances. The process is always important, but the end result, which is variable for Colson and influenced by the context, is an important part of his work.

In addition, Colson explores the commercial side of the art world and the economic consequences of artistry. His works, which are regularly made in situ, are often difficult to sell. The commercial potential and the associated value assessment are problematic for Colson. The making of editions can be understood in this context.

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