Catastrophe and The Relevance of Art


Catastrophe and The Relevance of Art (with a reflection by Nikita Kadan)

Art transcends the moment and situationalism. It has a proper autonomy, not in an abstract, detached sense but through its capacities of connection to reality. As in the video work of Oleksiy Say, it may sometimes allow to directly deal with the catastrophe. Art, however, always moves beyond the moment it initially addressed. It suggests ways to come to terms with experiences.   

Jan de Lauré (Belgium, 1978), Marlene Dumas (South Africa, 1953), Jan Fabre (Belgium, 1958), Andriy Sagaidakovskiy (Ukraine, 1957), Oksana Shachko (Ukraine, 1987-2018), Luc Tuymans (Belgium, 1958)

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