The Vibrating Image



This idea suddenly come into our minds when looking at works by Wim Delvoye and Costas Tsoclis, which we then combined with images by Hicham Benohoud.

What do artists do, in the simplest terms? If they were craftsmen then they could be seen as image smiths, as they simply play around with our capacity to conceive images and offer us marvellous finds. Look at them: works of art between two and three dimensions, that have the shape of one object and the image of another and that in some way integrate discord in the field of vision. In this way, images pulsate between different meanings and oscillate between interpretations. They remain, in this way, true possibilities.

In Sky Tsoclis works with trompe-l’oeil to create a scenery that is both down to earth and high up in the clouds. Delvoye presents a work that has the functional form of a concrete mixer yet is hand carved and decorated with light blue and white colours that remind of ceramics. Likewise Benohoud repositions pupils in a classroom through simple visual effects.

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