Bernd Lohaus – Fremdkörper: works from the studio of Bernd Lohaus. Second presentation: Versuch einen Satz auszusprechen


M HKA, Antwerp

24 April 2015 - 26 July 2015



Versuch einen Satz auszusprechen [Attempt to express a sentence]

In this presentation the emphasis is on language, more particularly on language in its compact, poetical and musical form.

In his works on paper, Bernd Lohaus combined arrangements of straight lines and text.  These lines were drawn in pencil or chalk, or applied with adhesive tape.  Starting in the mid-1980s he also used music sheets as his basis, initially for works with language.  The preprinted stave alludes to musicality, but moreover the graphic allure and the parallel lines inspire Lohaus to add his own text or lines.  These works hang in the same room as Münster, a sculpture that also calls attention to lines, tracks and grooves.

Two large drawings in Room 1 question space and attention by means of language and text.  One of works, just as does Münster, expresses the artist's internal, questioning dialogue. 

The showcase presents works on paper made by Lohaus with the aid of a sewing machine, but then without thread.  The perforated sheets are imbued with reliëf, and we see text or signs in a way that is monochromatic and abstract.

In Room 2, two large works are now differently shown: the original executions (seen on the photographs) are here reconstructed by a conservator.

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