Show me yours & I'll show you mine – Vaast Colson: Still some cream on the screen & Kati Heck: Holy Hauruck


M HKA, Antwerpen

19 February 2016 - 29 May 2016

The M HKA wants to offer an ‘open house’ to artists. They can use the museum not only to exhibit their work, but also to foster an interactive experience. Together with their art, artists also bring new ideas, collaborative ventures and unexpected propositions to the museum. Aside from the retrospective aspects of an exhibition, the M HKA is also constantly on the lookout for the vitality and future-oriented potential that art can bring.

With Vaast Colson and Kati Heck the M HKA invites two important representatives of a new generation of Antwerp-based artists who deserve to be seen as points of reference in this regard. With two solo exhibitions and a shared space, Show me yours & I’ll show you mine serves as snapshot of two artists with whom the museum has engaged in a long-term commitment.

Vaast Colson’s art places itself directly face-to-face to the viewer, expressed in drawings, paintings, sculptures, performances, installations and interventions that always take their form out of the specific situations from which they arise. For this exhibition Colson creates new work or reinterprets existing pieces.

The paintings, sculptures and installations of Kati Heck have an odd, estranging quality, developed from out of an extremely personal and recognizable visual language. Popular culture and her own experience serve as sources of inspiration. In the M HKA, Heck presents a survey of her work with something of a retrospective character.

Show me yours & I’ll show you mine is more than two individual exhibitions. The central spot where both artists and their work physically meet, serves to accentuate the complexity of each artist’s oeuvre. Together with the visitor, we are delighted and surprised by the interventions and performances enacted during the time of the exhibition’s run. In this way, the M HKA hopes to encourage fresh perspectives on what art can mean and contribute to in our world of today.

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