Ann Veronica Janssens

° 1956

Born in Folkstone (GB), lives in Brussels (BE), works in Brussels (BE).

Ann Veronica Janssens mainly does site-specific works. She is neither sculptor nor architect. Taking a specific space as her starting point, she adds forms and volumes to the existing architecture. For this, she sets out discretely: she submits herself to the given space, to the given architectural forms. Often she chooses for unexpected, unobvious places like a stairway, a ceiling or a window ledge. Her interventions bring the specific qualities of an environment to light. She sets out signposts, intended to let viewers define themselves against reality. In what way does our point of view determine our perception? How does the viewer relate vis-à-vis a specific place? Originally she worked chiefly with industrial materials – concrete, wood and glass – and primary forms. Since 1990 her work increasingly displays a more immaterial character: light, sound and fog instead of rough building materials. These works lead to a drastic total-experience that completely changes our perception of the space.

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