Christophe Terlinden

° 1969

Born in Etterbeek (BE), lives in Brussels (BE).

Christophe Terlinden (°1969, Etterbeek, Belgium) has a quite varied oeuvre. He creates photos, videos, cartoons, sound systems, graphics, and intervenes in existing architecture. He gives surprisingly simple solutions for (seemingly) complex situations, pointing to the essence of the problem, without choosing a specific medium. Christophe Terlinden turned simple but radical interventions into his trademark. Terlinden’s approach could be described as an ephemeral institutional criticism with a playful do-it-yourself attitude.

The artist started a ‘business with constructive character’ under the name of Techtur. The slogan of this company is: "No art and no tralala". Techtur derives from architecture "but then mutilated, split into two, allowing me to do anything that supposedly is not art. Posters, sheets, wooden cases or benches. The limit is pretty thin of course."

Christophe Terlinden also founded a publishing house, which he describes as a "creation space", called Small Noise. Within this context, he works in all possible directions with other artists on the idea of ​​'printing'. Small Noise is also the name of a free downloadable font, developed based on his handwriting. Copyright does not apply here.

Christophe Terlinden observes his environment and engages in simple but effective actions. He plays with the things that are already present and redefines them.

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