De première van de hersenexpansie in kleuren! [The première of the brain expansion in color!]


Wide White Space Gallery, Antwerp

The Premiere of Brain Expansion in Colour! took place on 16 December 1966 and was the second happening that Panamarenko organised with Hugo Heyrman in the Wide White Space Gallery. The walls were hung with portraits of film stars in oils painted by Heyrman. From the ceiling hung Molly Peters, known for being the Bond girl who appeared naked in Thunderball. The main purpose of this happening was to stimulate the visitors’ senses to the extent that a ‘brain expansion’ occurred. This was to be achieved by means of colourful puddings, by a pig’s bladder several metres long that Panamarenko inflated by machine and then swung around the room, by the screeching of a caged toucan and by lighting a giant cigarette and letting it gradually burn down. In addition, mussel shells containing illuminated bicycle bulbs floated around in a pan of boiling water and Panamarenko read out an article from a popular magazine.

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