Directe actie 1. Banken

Narcisse Tordoir


Materials: DVD

“We also did street 'actions'. We called them 'direct actions'. While many performance artists indeed functioned within the circuit of the art world proper, we consciously chose not to have anything to do with that scene. For our first action, we dressed as civil servants, complete with the 'correct' haircut and briefcase. At five-minute intervals, one of us would leave from the Keizerstraat and walk to the Meir, the street where all the big banks were. I was the first to depart and took up my place at the bank's entrance at the Boerentoren, where I then proceeded to beg. The three others did the same. It didn't even take a half-hour before somebody called the cops and we were just hauled off. There's a little super-8 film recording this." – Narcisse Tordoir

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