M HKA, Antwerp

07 December 2012 - 21 April 2013

[novels written by artists]

The Book Lovers is a systematic attempt to study the phenomenon of artist novels. There are some examples of artist novels in the 20th Century, but it is in the last ten to fifteen years that an increasing number of artists have chosen the novel as an artistic medium. With The Book Lovers we intend to create a public awareness of this quietly widespread artistic trend. Has literature become a new tool for creating expanded narrations in visual arts? What are the consequences for the production process when adopting a purely textual form, moreover a narrative? Is it possible to find a relationship to conceptual art, or relational aesthetics, or is this an entirely different artistic form? Collective writing, fictional artists and authors, ghost writers… what are the issues raised in relation to authorship and the re-skilling of art practice?

Research, organization and curatorial project by David Maroto and Joanna Zielińska.

The Booklovers is part of Collection XXXII Personality Test, the first joint collection presentation of curators Anders Kreuger and Nav Haq. The exhibition serves as a prelude to collection overview that the two prepare for the summer of 2013 and will be accompanied by a new collectionbook.

The Book Lovers travels and is from 25 January 2013 also shown in The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York.

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